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BB-SS: Pharmacogenomics of Beta Blockers Sardinian Study


BB-SS was an open label study conducted in Sardinia, Italy: 433 participants with untreated hypertension (>140/90) younger than 60 years and without any concurrent disease were included and genotyped (GWAS). Participants received study drug atenolol 50+50 mg.

First follow up visit after 4 weeks: if no side effects and BP was <140/90 continue treatment but if no side effects and BP was still greater than 140/90 they received add HCTZ 25mg, if heart rate was (HR) < 50 and no side effects reduce atenolol from 50+50 to 25+25 mg.

Second follow up visit after 3-4 months of treatment: if BP was < 140/90 continue atenolol+HCTZ otherwise if BP was ≥ 140/90 add amlodipine 5mg.

Third follow up visit after 8 months complete treatment.

Overall: if HR<50 reduce atenolol to 25+25mg, if HR <50 after dose reduction suspend.

Monitored serum K+ when HCTZ in regimen.

Long term follow-up: ongoing.

Cardiac (ECHO), renal, metabolic phenotypes available. Serum, plasma, and urine samples are available. The primary CV outcome was combined CV/cerebrovascular events while secondary outcomes were atrial fibrillation, CKD, new onset of diabetes.