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GoDARTS: Genetics of Diabetes and Audit Research Tayside Study

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GoDARTS has created a high quality resource with 17000 recruitment of consented patients with type 2 diabetes and matching controls throughout Tayside region in Scotland, UK that is readily available to researchers worldwide to help define genetic factors related to diabetes. All EMR information is available including lab values. The gene encoding transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) has been identified as type 2 diabetes susceptibility locus and two common variants (rs12255372 and rs7903146) were investigated using the Tayside population. Both variants were associated with type 2 diabetes, and a gene dosage effect of the rare allele of both variants were observed, with the TT homozygote having a greater risk compared to hertozygote CT. It was also observed that males displayed a higher degree of genotype-associated risk compared to females and that the T allele was associated with increased HbA1c levels in both cases and controls. This large case-control study confirms TCF7L2 to be a diabetes locus and suggests that variants may be associated with increased disease severity and therapeutic failure.