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GoShare: Genetics of the Scottish Health Research Register

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SHARE is a initiative to establish a register of people living in Scotland to provide secure access to their health records which will help with developing new treatments and cures for heart disease. GoSHARE is a sub-study of SHARE where investigators are asking to store and use blood that remains after routine clinical testing. GoSHARE register will allow for research with the relationship of genes, disease, and response to treatment. All EMR information is available, but stored serum is not currently being done.

A European-wide study led by the University of Dundee is set to identify reliable biomarkers which can predict side effects of statins and ACEI and then be developed into a commercially available test, they currently have 10% of the population of Tayside, ages 16 and older, and the hope is through the GoSHARE initiative everyone in Tayside will take part.