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GS-SFHS: Generation Scotland-Scottish Family Health Study

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GS-SFHS is a family-based genetic epidemiology study with DNA, socio-demographic and clinical data from about 24,000 volunteers across Scotland aged 18-98. The data form a resource for research on the genetics of health, disease and quantitative traits of current and projected public health importance. Important features of GS-SFHS include the family-based recruitment, the depth of phenotype information, consent for linkage of all data to comprehensive routine health-care records, and broad consent to use their data and samples for a wide range of medical research with re-contact potential for collection of other data or samples. DNA was collected via blood and saliva; whole blood, serum, urine, cryopreserved bloods for lymphocytes are available and other lab data is only through linkage. These features were designed to maximize the resource to identify, replicate, or control for genetic factor associated with a wide spectrum of illnesses and risk factors both now and in the future.