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GERA 2: Genetic Epidemiology of Responses to Antihypertensives 2

GERA 2 was a prospective interventional trial of candesartan in 600 participants to find predictors of BP response and estimate how much inter-individual variation could be explained by the predictors in a biracial (African American & Caucasian) sample aged 18-60 with essential hypertension. Following a four-week washout period, participants were treated with candesartan 16 mg/day for two weeks followed by 32 mg/day for 4 additional weeks Measurements were done at enrollment, baseline, and at the end of treatment. Samples included glucose, total cholesterol, HDL, triglyceride, potassium, sodium, creatinine, and plasma renin activity. The investigators found that found combined effects of non-genetic predictors accounted for 39% of the inter-individual variation in SBP and 33% of DBP with candesartan.