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CSN-stayondiur: Campania Salute Network (CSN) - The StayOnDiur Study


The Campania Salute Network (CSN) was formed to improve the process of care for patients with hypertension by integrating general practitioners and specialists. The system includes over 25.000 southern Italians and is an integrated environment which uses computer technology and web access to the clinical data in order to test the effectiveness on BP and total cardiovascular risk (TCVR) control. Clinical data of patients of an average follow up of 15 years including serum biochemistry (kidney function, lipid profile, glucose metabolism, and BC count) as well as cardiac and carotid ultrasound. About 1000 genomic DNA from patients of the CNS have been sequenced. A series of evidences have been reported using this database, including that CSN provided a larger BP reduction and TCVR score as compared to control whom were outside of the network, DM incidence in relation to statin prescription was also looked at and found that statin prescription for primary prevention is not associated with increased risk of incident DM,

Beta adrenergic receptor variants predict LVH development, LVH reduction after treatment, insurgence of dyslipidemia after beta blockade treatment.